1. Question- What is generic Cialis?
Answer- Generic products of any drug are the affordable versions that have been derived from the original version. So generic Cialis is basically a range of ED products based on the Cuialis formula (tadalafil citrate) but which still treat ED.

2. Question- Can Cialis cure erectile dysfunction?
Answer- First off, erectile dysfunction is not a disease. That means it cannot be cured. But it is a medical condition that can be effectively controlled through the use of special inhibitors, chief among them being the Cialis drugs.

3. Question- How does Cialis work?
Answer- People who use Cialis use it mostly because they have erectile dysfunction and the main cause of erectile dysfunction is the insufficient flow of blood to the male genital organs. As a PH inhibitor, Cialis helps to expand blood vessels and boost blood flow to the vital organs.

4. Question- How much does Cialis cost?
Answer- The cost of Cialis depends on a number of factors, with the most important one being the pharmacy from where you are buying the drug. Buying online, for instance, is always way cheaper that buying the drug from a physical store.

5. Question- How do you know where to buy Cialis?
Answer- many people already know about Viagra but very few of them know about Cialis and the effects that the latter can have on their sexual well-being. But, however, the fact is that both drugs have near-similar effects and both are effective in treating ED among men.

6. Question- Are there Cialis drugs for women?
Answer- For a very long time ED drugs like Viagra have only been available for men since they are the ones that suffer the problems the most. However, there have been numerous studies conducted in the past that have proved women too can use the drugs to counteract menopausal effects.

7. Question- What is the best place to buy Cialis online?
Answer- The internet has transformed the way people do business and, naturally, if you are looking for Cialis then you are better off buying the drug online. But before you do so, make sure that the website is valid and has genuine contact details that you can confirm.