10 facts about morning erection and ED which would be interesting to learn.

Morning erection is a phenomenon which is accompanied with a lot of different wild-guesses. The thing is that scientists still can’t find the previous reason of this interesting action and that’s why men are forced to use their imagination to bring the explanations. Anyway, today there are many facts which were proved about morning erection and now we are going to show you 10 most interesting of them.

First 5 facts

1 – Morning erection can appear even in childhood.
Even babies can have morning erection. One famous urologist noted that in his practice were many cases when parents were disturbed by some questions about the possibility of the erection in baby’s case. The thing is that some parents found that their babies had this phenomenon and it scared them. Some observations showed that morning erection is possible even before birth. Yes, don’t forget that it is a just additional pressure of the blood flow which creates own circumstances and penis’s tissues are getting growth.

2 – Ladies can have the erection too.
10 facts about morning erection and ED which would be interesting to learn.The only one difference is that additional blood flow to genitals even without excitation can happen with a woman not only in the morning. It is a kind of health status check. Blood brings nutrients and that’s why this process could be count like a healthy one. Of course in lady’s case, it is not easy to find visual differences.

3 – Healthy man can get 3-5 erections per night.
Scientists still can’t find the basic reason, but erections which happened at night could be signs of body repairing. It is additional blood flow which appears during the time of relaxation. At the same time, such checks help to find bladder fullness. The thing is that full bladder brings pressure on the urogenital system and it is not healthy. So erection at night can help to check it.

4 – Sometimes morning erection comes as the result of a full bladder.
It can be the result of additional pressure which appears in case if there are too many fluids inside.

5 – Erections are healthy for penis.
This process brings a lot of positive. The first one thing which everyone should know – with the help of erectile tissues is getting nutrition and oxygen. It is can be compared with the sport.

Second 5 facts

6 – Morning erections help to diagnose ED problems.
The thing is that problems with morning erection or any changes in this interesting body’s tradition could be the result of ED. So, in case if a man found some changes of his morning erection it is important to visit a doctor and check the whole system.

7 – Erection at night – sign of good sleep.
During sleep man’s body is trying to repair all functions and create healthy circumstances for repairing. Erection could be a sign of hormonal activity – it is one of the steps which helps to erase the collateral damage.

8 – Lack of erection – problems with testosterone.
In case if you found that during a long period of time you didn’t have morning erection, it could be the sign of low testosterone level. In that case, it would be interesting to analyze your life. In case if you had a lot of stresses, if your health got any damage etc., you should observe hormones.

9 – Erection – preparation.
Regular morning erection can mean that this man is very10 facts about morning erection and ED which would be interesting to learn. active in his sexual life. The explanation is that with the help of erections it is possible to train genitals and keep the control over hormones.

10 – Women loves men’s morning erections.
It is silly but reviews showed that most of the ladies think that morning erection appear because of the excitation. So, in case if man woke up close to the lady and she found erection, in her mind this fact associates with the excitation. So, she will think that this man was excited and even facts about different morning erection explanations can’t make her change her mind.

Use morning erection to be happier

Most of the men just waiting when their morning erection will be gone and never10 facts about morning erection and ED which would be interesting to learn. thought about opportunities to use it. In fact morning erection appears without excitation, but at the same time, it is possible to turn this fact. Just try to create level up for your erection – use it for love. Most men noted that morning sex on the basis of morning erection brings real power and positive.

So, as you can see, morning erection is a very interesting phenomenon. It happens in most men’s lives and there are many interpretations of that. Anyway, it is possible to use this body’s feature for profit. Everything you need is to learn all available information about morning erection and try all possible opportunities.